hii could you please do my name? it's kayla :)

- stormingthebastillle

Hi Kayla!!

K: King City - Swim Deep
A: Alabaster - Foals
Y: Yes - Coldplay
L: Like Swimming - Foals
A: American Dream Part II - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

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do one with my name !

- congreaved

your name as in cecilia or as in cici or as in lissomes?

C: Cigarette Daydreams - Cage the Elephant 

E: Early Winter - Gwen Stefani

C: Carmen - Lana del Rey

I: I Am Not a Robot (Clock Opera remix) - Marina & the Diamonds

L: London Girl - The Invisible

I: In One Ear - CTE

A: Are You What You Want To Be? - Foster the People

as in

C: Costume Party - TDCC

I: I Could Be Wrong - Chromeo (ft Ezra)

C: California English Pt.2 - VW

I: Introducing Palace Players - Mew

as in

L: Lisztomania - Phoenix

I: Impossible Muscle - Pet Moon

S: A Simple Beautiful Truth - Wild Beasts

S: Sequential - Apparatjik

O: The Outsider - Marina & the Diamonds

M: Magic - Coldplay

E: Everlasting Arms - VW

S: Shiver (aka Right Before My Eyes) - CTE

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